Create the right ad for the right audience in near real-time.

With AI-enabled dynamic creative optimization from Comcast Technology Solutions, broadcast-quality custom ads are created based on audience data and delivered in real-time. Ads can be versioned and customized with the message needed for your intended audience.

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) is the next step in the evolution of programmatic advertising, allowing for content to be customized to the person looking at it. Ads are tailored in real-time to show specific messages or ad creative for different consumers. For example, geolocation data can be used to show a specific offer based on a consumer’s location.

DCO creates production efficiencies by automating the ad versioning process and creating data-driven video content within a matter of seconds.

With Dynamic Creative Optimization you can:
  • Enable automation and workflow management – to clear the path for focus on creative
  • Create automated ad versioning
  • See a single view of your creative process, media workflows and data – execute complex campaigns across the full ecosystem.
  • Maximize ROI based on media spend and targeting
  • Provide greater consumer engagement
  • View unified reporting, spend, ads, and the target, with the ability to optimize on the fly and integrate attribution data
  • Get control back in the hands of brands
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