How you can serve more relevant ads based on what a viewer is doing right now? Automated Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) achieves this by accelerating the customization needed to target audiences with tailored ad experiences. With proven and scalable technology, produce broadcast-quality ad versions in less than 45 minutes. Enjoy full control of ad versioning with a modular approach that works as a self-serve platform and integrates into your ad management technology stack. Use machine learning technology to automate the process of creative segment development.
In less than a minute, create multiple digital preview versions of a core ad.
The full control of ad versioning is at your fingertips. Create and optimize your content, and fill your library to match messaging with your intended audience.
True Customization
Create localized ads with different openings, hero segments, offers, iconography – any combination of footage you want.
The automated workflow lowers time to market as well as cost per version.
Improved Campaign Performance
Elevate the revenue potential of each ad by identifying and reaching a more engaged audience.
Global Solution
Create the ad versions you need and distribute them globally.
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