Automated advertising workflows for the "New Roaring 20's" and beyond.

To reinvent our own workflows, we envisioned the optimal end-state for our roles as both advertiser and content and streaming providers, and then engineered backwards to reimagine and reinvent an end-to-end service that would get us – and you – where we all need to go.

We brought the technology together, innovating the parts that needed to be upgraded – or invented outright. We identified several overarching requirements that the service needed to achieve in order to get closer to a true future-proof architecture:


Dramatically improve operational and cost efficiencies and simplify complex media campaigns and creative workflows to ensure the greatest ROI on your campaign. Traffic and deliver your ads in near real-time and reach your customers faster. Aggregate data from multiple systems to automate disparate workflows and create broadcast-quality ad versions in near real-time, resulting in reduced operational and manual inconsistencies.


The Advertising Suite gives you control of your campaigns and the flexibility to change creative direction as needed for your business. From a centralized platform to manage creative, talent rights, media activation, and distribution to a cloud-based library of approved ads that can be quickly conditioned and sent to any destination, the Advertising Suite dramatically streamlines both buy- and sell-side processes to enable real-time targeted video advertising across all channels.

Visibility & Accuracy

By centralizing and automating your creative activation workflow with the Advertising Suite, you have visibility across your entire media buy. You can easily identify which ads went where, see how they performed, and ensure continuity of message and quality. The Advertising Suite also offers unified reporting for creative intelligence across all channels, so you can adjust campaign messaging or placement to drive true business results.


Automating the advertising workflow is critical to take advantage of real-time programmatic, addressable, and other targeted opportunities. The Advertising Suite eliminates time-consuming manual processes with automated, centralized solutions. We unify media activation, creative asset management, reporting, production, talent, traffic, and distribution across all screens, in a single platform, giving your team the luxury of focusing on performance, not delivery.

Expand audience reach
Your ability to find new customers should never be limited by the technology available to deliver your ads. With innovations like Ad Store, you can better monetize VOD, set-top box, OTT, and digital content.
Execute campaigns in near real time
Streamlined workflows help advertisers take advantage of quick monetization opportunities with such features as a 12-minute send time, DAI VOD ad insertion, and a click-and-go delivery interface.
Ensure top-quality ads across platforms
Our dedication to quality benchmarks the industry with a triple-QC process. And, we offer extensive production services that can handle all finishing touches including tagging, versioning, encoding, closed captioning and more.

Comprehensive ad management for the buy-side and sell-side of multiplatform global advertising.

If you’re an advertiser or agency, or if you’re selling media to advertisers, the way you optimize the value of your content is vastly different – but deeply connected.  

  • On the advertising buy-side, advertisers and agencies need to manage their brands across multiple platforms and campaigns around the world – iterating and tailoring the right ad for the right screen, honoring contracts and talent rights, and working to understand where every ad is playing and how consumers are responding.  

  • On the sell-side, programmers and providers work to make every program more profitable, working more closely than ever with advertisers to get spots filled with the best advertising in the shortest period of time.  

On either side, there’s a lot of complexity to solve for. Comcast Technology Solutions’ comprehensive ad management platform is built to unify media planning and buying, automated ad versioning, management, traffic, talent rights, metadata, and distribution for linear and digital destinations in a single suite.   

The Advertising Suite offers a full global ad distribution footprint through our partnership with the leading international ad delivery platform Peach. Manage the workflow of video creative content between thousands of production companies, agencies and media owners, and brands. Our platform supports the standards for every major global market to get the right ad version to any screen, anytime, anywhere. 

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