CaptionSync by AST & MediaAMP Bring thePlatform to the Classroom

thePlatform has long been known as the leading video management solution for media companies, but a new integration from Automatic Sync Technologies (AST) and MediaAMP® uses thePlatform’s powerful media management tools to make educational media fully accessible and compliant with FCC and ADA requirements.

AST developed CaptionSync ten years ago, in collaboration with a team of advisors from higher education and with funding from a Small Business Innovation Research grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Today CaptionSync by AST is the most cost-efficient, high-quality automatic closed captioning service available.

MediaAMP is a secure, scalable media management, storage and distribution platform built for the needs of higher education and founded as a service of the University of Washington. MediaAMP provides a private cloud ecosystem for universities that integrates thePlatform and numerous educational technology systems to meet the diverse media management requirements of educators. AST and MediaAMP partnered with thePlatform to make captioning online video incredibly simple and cost-effective, while maintaining the captioning quality required for educational video.

How It Works

Captioning requests can be made directly from thePlatform. CaptionSync monitors a feed consisting of videos that require captioning, automatically retrieving videos and routing them to a professional human transcriber. This allows CaptionSync to deliver extremely accurate captions, without any of the errors inherent in speech recognition or crowd-sourcing solutions. Once the transcription is complete (typically in one 1-2 days, depending on the turnaround time selected) a DFXP caption file is generated and automatically associated with the original media. The captions are then available on videos using a broad variety of thePlatform players, quickly and efficiently meeting all FCC, ADA, Section 508 and Section 504 accessibility requirements.

See It in Action

To get a demo or learn more about captioning with CaptionSync by AST contact AST sales or your thePlatform sales representative. If you are in higher education and are looking for a media solution tailored to meet your needs, learn more about MediaAMP here.