Connecting the Platform Behind Connected TV’s Loudest Voice

Talpa Media’s voice is loud in the entertainment industry. So loud, that it’s heard in 180 countries worldwide. Part of the ITV Group as an independent label, Talpa is the global production company behind “The Voice,” “The Big Picture,” “Dance Dance Dance,” and many other wildly popular TV shows that directly connect with their viewing audiences via corresponding apps. To create these ‘connected TV’ experiences, Talpa uses an in-house technology platform called Talpa Connect. In 2015, the company decided it was time to select an industry-standard online video platform to become part of Talpa Connect. After exploring several different solutions, Talpa chose thePlatform’s mpx. Read our case study called “Connecting the Platform Behind Connected TV’s Loudest Voice“ to find out how Talpa will use mpx to support its connected TV experiences.

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