Empower Your Viewers, Increase Engagement & Conversion

The number of views a video gets cannot be the sole measure of a successful campaign. HaulStars, a trusted partner of thePlatform, offers a more comprehensive experience through interactive and shoppable video technology which increases engagement and conversion for brands, publishers and content creators. What’s more, we measure your key KPIs through our analytics dashboard.

You may now give your audience the ability to learn more about the products, services or other calls to action in your video with our interactive thumbnails. HaulStars SaaS solution includes tools with social, commerce, and web content integrations.

The HaulStars solution combined with mpx also includes a robust real-time analytics dashboard. Track how your video and interactive features are performing across all platforms (e.g., Facebook, programmatic, Apple TV). HaulStars clients have enjoyed an average increase in time spent watching a video by their users by 200%+ and conversion rates as high as 22%.

If you would like to learn more, interact with the demos below or contact us to schedule a meeting.

HaulStars offer two experiences – Tiles and Display. Interact with both:

TILES demo


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Learn more: http://haulstars.com/