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To succeed in a dynamic marketplace, the solutions you depend on must be able to adapt to changes in the market, scale to meet demand, and offer continuous improvement. Accordingly, thePlatform has an agile delivery methodology that mandates frequent mpx updates and new products/services. To make sure that you are up-to-date on all the new functionality we’ve introduced in recent weeks, we created the following compilation of mpx’s latest enhancements:


mpx Replay

New Live Encoder

mpx Replay lets your viewers rewind a live stream, view missed TV shows instantly, or catch-up on a particular TV series. In order to provide this functionality, mpx must support a “live event encoder.”

In addition to supporting Elemental Delta’s live event encoder, mpx now supports CDN Direct. CDN Direct is a generic live event encoder that powers our mpx Replay solution and can take advantage of the recording functionality provided by CDNs, such as Akamai.

Learn more about mpx Replay.


mpx Video Commerce

Expanded Promotions

Within mpx Video Commerce, the “promotions” feature helps you further your engagement with subscribers. This feature was recently expanded, and now supports the application of promotions to both new and active subscriptions.

Users that are in-contract or active subscribers can now receive promotions for new or existing products and packages. Examples include promotions to extend subscriptions that are reaching end-of-term, or promotions to extend discounts to existing subscribers.

iTunes In-App Purchases

For customers looking to further their brand or market reach, leveraging iTunes for presenting, promoting, and managing your content is an attractive alternative to building your own storefront and dealing with payment gateways or managing end user registration. With the mpx Video Commerce service, you can now easily define iTunes compatible products and subscriptions that are added to iTunes. You can also assist with end user management and the storing of end user information. Once your products and subscriptions are modeled, mpx Video Commerce provides all the tools needed to offer in-app purchases, including authentication, purchase processing, and receipt management.

Learn more about mpx Video Commerce.


mpx Server Side Ad Insertion

On-Demand Ad Transcoding

The mpx Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) solution allows you to control your monetization efforts and defeats ad blockers. However, is it not uncommon for an ad server to deliver ads that are incompatible with SSAI. In this scenario, mpx can now ingest the incompatible ad and re-encode it into a compatible format, on-demand, without further intervention and without disruption to your SSAI workflow.

There is another scenario where you may want mpx to re-encode ads that are returned in a “compatible” format. This might be the case if the hosting server blacklisted by ad blocking software, or if the server allows playback only by whitelisted players. In either case, mpx will re-encode the desired content based on defined conditions.

mpx Accelerate & HLS Conditioning

With mpx Accelerate and our RMP (with the Elemental plugin), you are able to simplify your ad insertion workflow and easily condition your media for SSAI.

mpx Accelerate is a fast and easy solution for delivering the highest quality video to every device. With the addition of HLS conditioning and SCTE 35 compliance, mpx is able to encode your media and generate the HLS fragments in accordance with the media chapters defined in the mpx Media Service. mpx generates the manifest to facilitate SSAI and ensures that the inserted ad is delivered in a format compatible with the aspect ratio, resolution, and bit rate of the end device. This solution protects streaming content and ads from ad blockers, and presents the end user with the highest quality video for their device and available bandwidth.

Learn more about the mpx SSAI solution.


mpx Policies

Alternate Policies for Excerpts

mpx Policies gives you the ability to create an excerpt or short segment of your media. When used for promotional purposes, these excerpts are usually unrestricted in order to encourage/promote more views.

Now, mpx Policies allows you to define an ‘alternate policy’ based on the length of the media. Using an alternate policy, you can apply an alternative restriction for the identified media or relax a restriction or ad policy.

Multiple Availability Windows

mpx simplifies the creation and management of availability windows. With mpx, you can automate your media availability schedule, dynamically change ad policies, manage content restrictions, modify media metadata, and more.

From a single account, mpx enables you to automate the management of availability windows and control where your media is consumed. It also lets you define when media is available and when it expires in combination with availability tags. When managing multiple availability windows, validation rules in mpx give you the ability to link policies and products to availability windows, modify media metadata, and link an action to a custom field.

Learn more about mpx Policies.


mpx Unified Ingest

Centralizing Video & Metadata Intake

Our new Unified Ingest service lets you easily migrate to a secure, cloud-based system to centralize your video and metadata intake efforts. After migrating, you can use mpx Unified Ingest to create advanced workflows for transcoding and uploading; use existing feeds to ingest video and metadata; and set up Watch Folders to monitor ingested files automatically. Collectively, these features enable the onboarding of large video libraries quickly and easily.

Learn more about the mpx Unified Ingest.


mpx Syndication

YouTube Connector

mpx makes it easy to syndicate content to YouTube. With mpx’s YouTube connectors you can publish content:

  1. Directly to YouTube as a “YouTube Content Partner”


  1. Using the YouTube v3 connector if you do not have Content Partner status.

mpx’s easy-to-use and comprehensive publishing workflow enables you to automatically sync the following content to one or more YouTube channels:

  • Web Video
  • Shows
  • Movies
  • Trailers
  • Music

Learn more about mpx Syndication.


mpx Media Management

Content Ratings

In the mpx Console, under the “media” view, you can now assign content ratings for the following countries:

  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Venezuela
  • Saudi Arabia

Learn more about mpx Media Management.