IRIS.TV Integration: Increase Consumption and Retain Audiences Everywhere

Content is king, but the future of TV is about your brand, your audience, and keeping them engaged.

As TV becomes more mobile, on-demand, multi-content and multi-platform, competition for the next view is fierce. Video publishers are constantly looking for ways to increase premium ad impressions and to increase the value of their owned & operated sites. But despite spending a fortune to acquire viewers, publishers often see them bounce during or just after the video ends.

In order to retain viewers and increase lifetime value, publishers need to organically grow viewership and build a personalized relationship with their audience across all platforms and devices.

How? – Think Inside the Player

IRIS.TV is the first in-stream video recommendation engine designed to create continuous streams of personalized video that keeps your audience watching longer. Powered by Adaptive Stream™, IRIS.TV uses adaptive machine learning to programmatically deliver the right video to the right viewer in real-time.

Programmatic Content Delivery

A plugin for your video player, IRIS.TV runs off asynchronous API calls, replacing your playlists with a personalized stream of videos that updates dynamically for your viewers.

  • IRIS.TV continually analyzes viewing behaviors to create consumption profiles
  • IRIS.TV remembers returning viewers to personalize recommendations
  • IRIS.TV can process imported profile information through a double-blind API filter improve personalized recommendations while maintaining user privacy

Business Rules Engine: Audience Utilization and Brand Safety

IRIS.TV Business and Editorial Rules gives publishers the ability to adjust recommendations

  • Examples include: maximization of revenue based on highest CPM (or any other monetization metric), maximization of engagement time, editorial preferences, etc.
  • Customers can create business rules to fit their user’s habits on specific devices, geo-locations, or other subdivisions of their audience


For more information about how IRIS.TV can help increase your video ad inventory and maximize reach and revenue potential of every viewer, visit www.IRIS.TV.