Production Services Simplify Your Ad Delivery Workflow

Advertising can be a complex landscape, where unknowns are plentiful and time is not. Many steps are required to create spots and get them from concept to consumers, which add to the amount of time required to produce, finalize, and deliver your ad.

Partnering with a full-service ad distribution provider capable of formatting and finishing can save not only time during critical delivery windows, but money as well. It’s simply more efficient to keep your file from bouncing from one location to another. Relying on a partner capable of production services saves you and your editor time and money in converting and re-rendering the file for numerous formats. All that is required is a broadcast-quality file, which your distribution partner can reformat as needed.

Due to the various specifications and format requirements, not all editors or production houses will accommodate the post-production needs that spots require before distribution—at least not without potentially substantial charges. A full-service ad delivery partner that is capable of handling the necessary production services on spots simplifies coordination and streamlines the transition from final production to distribution. Your spot is in one location and therefore better positioned to reduce any delivery delays.

In addition to finishing and reformatting services, some ad delivery vendors have full production and content creation capabilities. These vendors provide an end-to-end production and delivery solution that centralizes and simplifies your creative and distribution needs.

Some of the more common production services available are:


Create closed captioning files and merge those files with the content. Open caption files can be created and sent out to providers that want to be able to approve the closed captioning prior to embedding into the digital asset.


Unique assets are created for various markets, different networks, and dayparts by adding tags, such as URLs and 800-numbers.


BVS/VEIL, Nielsen/SpoTTrac and Teletrax watermarking is applied to content, which provides a way to confirm and verify placement times for content airing on a network.


Down-conversion has potential for great savings, even though it is an additional service. Your broadcast-quality HD video is down converted to SD formats automatically, which streamlines workflow and improves quality control. You are only charged for conversion when SD is required and delivered to a receive site. SD files can be created from one single master file, saving time and conversion costs with your editor or production house.

Final elements such as these are often overlooked, which can delay time-sensitive deliveries. Ad distribution vendors that offer production services save advertisers time and money when it matters most while simplifying the process of delivering your spots on time and in the required format and quality.