Is Your TV Service Cloud Ready?

As the cloud continues to expand the boundaries of premium television services, it is also creating numerous monetization opportunities for pay TV operators. Many of the biggest have to do with the ability to distribute content to where viewers are most likely to pay to consume it… and on which devices viewers are most likely to consume it on. Although the living room and TV set remain popular with viewers; now buses, campsites, and cafés… PCs, tablets, and smartphones are all popular ‘where’ and ‘which’ options. Thanks to the cloud, viewers have more options and pay TV operators have more opportunities to monetize than ever before. But are their respective TV service clouds ready? Is yours?

We’ve created a four part series called “Pay TV 2.015” that will show you how to leverage mpx to take advantage of all the cloud’s new revenue opportunities by walking you through the high points of ingest, tags, security, and distribution. Having a clear understanding of these four essential mpx components will ultimately increase your TV service cloud’s overall efficiency, reduce its costs, and optimize it to deliver a richer viewing experience for your subscribers.


Pay TV 2.015 Part I – Unified Ingest

In today’s market, pay TV operators have few options when collecting all of the source videos and files necessary to support their channel packages, Video-on-Demand, and other premium television offerings. Existing options are complex and inefficient due to the siloed nature of legacy ingest systems. Wanting to fix this stumbling block for our customers, we created our “Unified Ingest” service. Part of mpx, Unified Ingest simplifies the ingest process by doing the following:

  • Tailors content upload to our customers’ own processes,
  • Migrates content to our video management system,
  • Uses our customers’ existing feeds to ingest content,
  • Sets up a Watch Folder so that our customers can see their content ingested automatically from their workflows, and
  • Leverages tools for uploading massive amounts of content quickly and easily.

By centrally managing all the video and related metadata files that our customers want to publish to their subscribers’ various devices, Unified Ingest makes moving content to wherever it needs to go extraordinarily efficient.

Read our Unified Ingest solution brief to learn more about our ingest service and how we can help you get your TV service cloud ready.