Coull is a technology company that's reinventing the way online video advertising works, creating lucrative additional revenue streams for publishers. Coull’s proprietary technology—Coull Vidlinkr—connects advertisers with premium publisher video inventory across a network that currently delivers over 1bn views per month. For publishers using mpx, Coull Vidlinkr is the easy way to switch on an additional, lucrative and sustainable new revenue stream. Utilizing a unique approach to deep classification of video content Coull Vidlinkr delivers branded in-video overlays that are contextually relevant to your video content, the type of person watching it, their location and device. With access to 180+ markets globally, demand partners that are global leaders, compatibility with IAB-standard ad formats, full programmatic integration and unique targeting opportunities, Coull Vidlinkr is the next evolution of online video advertising. Video plays a big part in how people discover online, you should be reaping the rewards for the part your content plays in that journey.

Features and Benefits of Integration:

  • Open an entirely new advertising inventory from your video content
  • Simple integration, scalable monetization of mpx videos
  • Contextual targeting of advertisers to your video content, delivering excellent eCPMs
  • Monetization across video views on desktop, mobile and tablet

Coull Vidlinkr partnered with Comcast Technology Solutions to offer premium publisher partners a new, lucrative revenue stream that will evolve with your online video content, integrating relevant advertising that engages audiences, delivering sustainable revenue from the content you publish.


Integration is simple via Coull’s RADAR VAST tag

So there’s no stopping you from opening up an additional revenue stream directly from your premium content.

See how it works for yourself now

Get in touch using the details below or visit to find out more and discover why Coull Vidlinkr is right for your business. Contact SVP Business Development, Rae Rawlings. ph UK: +44 (0)117 317 8129 ph US: +1 (805) 284 - 9094

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