The Filter offers content owners, publishers and aggregators powerful relevance systems and reliable recommendation tools. Specializing in entertainment optimization, The Filter is proven to increase the value of catalogues and audiences, making services more efficient and competitive. Filter Systems are modular and can deliver significant uplifts in click-throughs, dwell times and views per visit:

  • Evidence capture
  • Recommendations & Search
  • Data enhancement
  • Performance analytics
  • Control Panel

How Filter Systems works with Comcast Technology Solutions' technology

Gathers and stores valuable, live customer usage data

  • The Filter collects the widest array of user evidence through its unique capture service from full plays and saves to ratings and shares. This is seamlessly implemented through a plug-in to the mpx Player Development Kit (PDK) and through the community toolkit.

Provides timely, targeted and relevant suggestions

  • Applying The Filter’s world-class recommendation and relevance engine to the usage and catalogue data provided, a publisher can deliver engaging real-time video recommendations through a tailored, enhanced player provided by mpx.

Delivers timely assessment of recommendation efficiency

  • The Filter Systems analytics module gives a publisher the opportunity to assess the impact of recommendations on key business drivers and measure the true value and performance of video content.

Biases recommendations according to business goals

  • Filter Systems includes a sophisticated and versatile control panel that gives the publisher the tools to bias and filter recommendations lists according to user or business-related criteria. Popular bias options include tuning recommendations to deliver against usage, popularity, advertising inventory, CPM, duration and licensing window.

Key benefits of using Filter Systems

  • Simple implementation with no service disruption
  • Record evidence of advocacy and satisfaction
  • Significant uplifts in key metrics, such as views and Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Improved levels of loyalty and advocacy in customers
  • Ability to measure true value and performance of content
  • Opportunity to control content according to business goals.

If you’d like to see some Filter Systems in action visit and for more information on integration, please contact The Filter at You can also find out more about The Filter on their website.

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