HaulStars offers interactive and shoppable video technology which increases engagement and conversion for brands, publishers and content creators. Our technology elegantly presents your products in interactive thumbnails. Users engage with the thumbnails and can use them to make purchases. Other customized features may also be integrated (e.g., watch more episodes, subscribe, polling).

HaulStars features empower end-users by giving them the opportunity to have a deeper product experience. Users who click on the interactive product thumbnails are taken to the portion of the video where that item is being showcased. By doing so, users spend more time on your video and actually learn about your products. The HaulStar technology not only offers the promise of an ROI on your video marketing spend, but also tracks and provides real-time analytics on user engagement and conversion across all platforms.

HaulStars has partnered with Comcast Technology Solutions to create an integration that allows for full utilization of the HaulStars interactive and shoppable interface and analytics dashboard through the HaulStars Cloud Video Platform (fka mpx) Player plugin.

HaulStars offer two experiences - Tiles and Display. Interact with both:

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