Internet Video Archive (IVA) is the leading provider of online trailers and previews with thousands of customers and suppliers and more than 8 billion plays delivered. IVA has designed solutions that are in use by MVPDs, entertainment sites, retailers, radio stations, libraries, social networks, and consumer electronics companies. By partnering with IVA, Comcast Technology Solutions has given its customer base the ability to easily access IVA's expansive library of movie and TV content.


  • Enhance Content Discovery, Increase Engagement: Trailers are the most important ERI (Entertainment Related Information) to consumers. They can be leveraged on mobile, the web, and STBs or inside program guides and VOD platforms. This content helps people connect with movies and TV shows, which means they watch more!
  • The Best Video Library, From One Source: IVA’s database contains over 110,000 high quality movie and TV assets from the latest blockbusters to the timeless classics. IVA has theatrical trailers, DVD releases, interviews, behind-the-scenes clips, hand-picked still images, alternate trailers, and international versions. IVA also features TV previews from major TV networks and video game trailers for every platform. The IVA acquisitions team works with thousands of content suppliers to get the latest releases. They organize and categorize them, then encode in formats to reach any screen. 
  • Metadata Management: IVA offers program and asset metadata that includes title, cast, directors, studio, plot summaries, release dates, source resolution, language spoken, language subtitled, and more. This data is pushed directly into the Cloud Video Platform (fka mpx). The video catalog is also continuously matched to datasets by Rovi, Gracenote, IMDB, Red Bee Media, and others, making implementation easy.


IVA makes accessing the video catalog via the Cloud Video Platform simple and seamless. First, you tell IVA what you need. Then they create one or more custom feeds and send them directly to the Cloud Video Platform. Each feed consists of data, images, and video links that are based upon your exact specifications.

Internet Video Archive Contact Information

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