MediaMorph helps manage the business of digital entertainment for film and television studios. Its Managed Services Solution helps film and TV studios, broadcast and cable networks, and video web publishers effectively track and account for their digital distribution revenues. It’s integrated with over sixty digital distribution outlets with new ones being constantly added, and it has a flexible, web-accessible sales reporting system for end-user report delivery via web or email. MediaMorph’s plug-in to the Cloud Video Platform (fka mpx) Player Development Kit (PDK) sends tracking events for ad impressions, clicks, and video starts/completes to MediaMorph’s web server. Along with each impression/click, the sent tracking event contains the ad’s file name (or click URL) along with an identifier that will assign the impression/click to a product. The information collected is used to calculate ad revenue attribution to individual products. MediaMorph’s Royalty Engine handles complex contracts and accurately determines royalties due.


Designed from ground up to manage the real problems of large studios’ digital video distribution:

  • Cross-channel reporting
  • Revenue reconciliation and accounting
  • Tying business reporting to financial accounting

Full support of multiple video distribution methods:

  • EST/VOD, ad-supported streaming, mobile, and PPV/VOD
  • Over 60 distribution outlets currently integrated

Easier-to-service deals:

  • Lower cost, higher profit
  • Ability to scale as fast as the industry grows
  • Clear visibility into deal and content performance
  • Control of the revenue recognition and invoicing process

Simple to use:

  • Software as a service – no servers to buy or host, no staff required for application management
  • Pre-integrated with major licensees – currently 60+ major licensees integrated across digital download, streaming, mobile, and VOD
  • Integrated to core ERP infrastructure – SAP and direct database integration
  • Managed service – MediaMorph handles the operational work of interacting with partners for reporting and provisioning
  • Annual licensing – significantly reduced initial cost and investment commitment

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