DRM plays a big role in keeping your content safe

Unauthorized access to your video or your partners’ video is a big deal. That’s why content owners throughout the industry go to great lengths to control who gets access, when they get access, and how often. But not all methods of content security are equal, or more importantly, right for you. Comcast Technology Solutions works closely with the leading content protection technology providers to meet a wide range of security requirements. One of our DRM partners is Microsoft PlayReady.

About Microsoft PlayReady

Microsoft PlayReady content access technology provides a premier platform for applying business models to the distribution and use of digital content. This technology is used for defining, incorporating, and enforcing the use of digital content, and enables the secure distribution of content over the web by enforcing policies chosen by the content provider. From set-top to mobile, PlayReady reaches a broad array of devices and operating systems to protect premium content while driving an optimal user experience.

Microsoft PlayReady and Comcast Technology Solutions:

As an established partner, Comcast Technology Solutions offers end-to-end support for PlayReady DRM including content packaging, and license generation along with playback of protected content via a plug-in for the mpx Player. Microsoft PlayReady supports a wide range of business models for digital content providers, including:

  • Subscription: Provides access to an entire catalog of content in exchange for a recurring fee.
  • Purchase: Offers content for purchase and download.
  • Pay Per View: Provides pay-per-view choices for all content types.
  • Rental: Enables rental scenarios with time-based licenses.

By partnering together, mpx customers can leverage the following opportunities:

  • Develop creative business models for digital content
  • Provide universal content access for consumers
  • Distribute content as your users want it
  • Deliver best of breed content protection

You can learn more details about Microsoft PlayReady technology on their overview page.

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