Comprehensive, daily measurement of the online viewing experience

The suite of Nielsen Video Services provides performance data on video content, advertising consumption, and interaction across 30 key metrics including viewing duration, video visibility, and audio volume. This—combined with granular audience demographics, syndicated reporting, and advertising effectiveness studies—provides seamless measurement of the entire online viewing experience. Behind the scenes, Nielsen has integrated their Web Analytics API with the Cloud Video Platform (fka mpx). To start using the Nielsen Video services, all you need to do is to add one line of JavaScript to the html code for the media player. With this line of code inserted, all video events are captured and sent to the Nielsen service. It’s that easy. With Nielsen’s online video measurement tools, clients have access to deeply understand who is watching online video each day, and how consumers interact with online video content and advertising. This also enables media companies and advertisers to understand how different groups of consumers respond to online video and advertising, which in turn can feed into media sales and advertising optimization efforts.  

Nielsen and Comcast Technology Solutions

Comcast Technology Solutions collaborated with Nielsen to validate that their online video publishing solutions successfully preserve Nielsen’s audio watermarks, allowing online publishing of premium, ad-supported video content. Nielsen’s ratings system uses these watermarks to measure audiences for both video programming and commercials. This system provides the C3 ratings, which are the basis for the majority of television advertising negotiations, and will be extended to video viewing on the Internet this fall. This validation is the next logical step in advancing longer-term efforts to provide multi-platform audience measurement for media and entertainment companies served by Comcast Technology Solutions. The Cloud Video Platform video management and publishing system will allow networks interested in participating in “TV Everywhere” initiatives to distribute their content online, so that Nielsen can measure eligible cable, telco, and satellite video customers who access video programming via the web.

Comcast Technology Solutions has developed a streamlined process to deliver national television shows to the web:

  • First we capture the national video feed of a programmer’s show using our ingest service.
  • We provide editing functions for customers, and transcode the file into a format suitable for online viewing with the Nielsen audio watermark still intact. Then we upload the new Flash video file into the customer’s video management system.
  • Customers can then publish their show to an online video player or website, using a video management system like the Cloud Video Platform, which has been validated to preserve the Nielsen watermark.
  • Depending on its customers’ strategy, Cloud Video Platform will provide the capability to replace this file as necessary to pursue other business models, such as online video advertising insertions.

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