About PremiumMedia360

PremiumMedia360 helps media agencies and sellers buy, sell, and partner more effectively—by letting them take control of the data that guides their interactions. PM360’s plug-and-play suite of products automates data sharing and reconciliation to dramatically cut down on the time and resources it takes to understand where campaigns stand—from purchase order to invoice. The result: airings records stop being bottlenecks, and start being the source of business insight they should be.

Learn more at premiummedia360.com, and reach out to schedule a demo at premiummedia360.com/demo-request.

PM360’s groundbreaking CLIRTM products include:


  • Syncs agency and seller systems, automatically and directly feeding airings data into fields and formats that systems can read, and that agencies can act on and share. CLIR Logs transform log file delivery from resource drain to a seamless asset.

CLIR Flight

  • Constantly monitors and cross-checks buyers’ campaigns against sellers’ airing information, automatically catching discrepancies and alerting both sides immediately, allowing problems to be fixed well before the invoice.

CLIR Instrux

  • Instructions that are truly 100% automated, with no manual input needed, freeing resources, speeding time to input, and preventing errors.

CLIR Orders

  • Seamless, immediate, and fully accurate DR ordering, a complete record and audit trail of the orders you’ve placed, and an end to spots that get ordered but go missing.
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