Through our partnership with RAMP, content publishers are able to drive enhanced workflow, discovery, engagement, and monetization of online audio and video. RAMP’s SaaS-based Content Optimization solution, MediaCloud™, includes proprietary, patented technology for generating text transcripts and rich, time-code metadata on video content. These core capabilities enhance video search, improve SEO, create engaging “lean forward” video playback experiences, and deliver contextually targeted advertisements. The RAMP Content Optimization platform leverages the company’s core capabilities in speech to text and natural language processing, and are easily integrated with mpx video publishing capabilities.

RAMP’s MetaPlayer technology delivers the web’s first “lean-forward” video experience featuring the company’s patented “jump-to” technology for navigating within a video or audio clip and leverages Comcast Technology Solutions video player environment. RAMP’s solutions are delivered via either API-based web services or fully hosted template-based web publishing, and include the ability to easily configure and match the look and feel of your web property. In addition, RAMP easily integrates with publishers’ existing ad serving and analytics infrastructure. All of RAMP’s solutions are pre-configured to ingest, process, index, and publish content published using the mpx Player Development Kit (PDK) includes a plugin for RAMP Content Optimization to make the most of your video’s rich metadata capabilities. Give your users a richer search experience, retain their interest, and find new monetization opportunities with a captive audience.

How It Works

  • With RAMP, Comcast Technology Solutions' content publishers are able to drive enhanced workflow, discovery, engagement and monetization of online audio and video content through RAMP’s automated platform based Content Optimization solutions for video search and video search engine optimization.
  • Every video clip is processed in near real-time through RAMP’s MediaCloud ™ technology, whose patented capability for creating rich metadata for every video clip includes time-stamped transcripts, tags, and thumbnails to provide advanced video search and navigation capabilities.
  • The rich metadata is indexed for search and published via mpx player development kit plugin or through RAMP’s MetaPlayer ™ video player technology to deliver the web’s first “lean-forward” video experience including the company’s patented “jump-to” technology for navigating within a video clip.
  • Video landing pages are created using search engine optimization (SEO) best practices to enhance the discoverability of your content across the major web search engines.

Search is the primary means by which users discover and interact with online content. Enabling users to discover your content across Google, Yahoo, and BING search engines, search for your content on your site, and navigate within your video clips drives increased consumption, engagement and advertising revenue. RAMP provides a highly cost effective, automated and scalable solution to comprehensively deliver these benefits.

The “Lean-Forward” Video Experience

  • Users are able to navigate across your content collection using traditional full text keyword search.
  • Users are able to “jump-to” the specific point in any audio or video content based on their keyword searches on your site.
  • RAMP’s hosted, template-based Content Optimization platform can be easily configured to precisely match the look and feel of your website.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) model means no software or hardware to configure, manage, or maintain.

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