With the explosive growth of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels, today’s consumers are interacting with live video content in a brand new way. There’s no longer a need to “wait and catch the highlights”—in today’s news cycle, they’re delivered when, where, and how fans want them. Whether it’s the one-handed touchdown catch, an eye-popping performance on the hit reality show, or a breaking global news story, fans and followers now expect their information to be available in real-time, accessible across multiple devices on the social media outlets they use to communicate with the world. Yet when you look at the types of engagement options content providers are using today, much of it is text-based. This leads us to the question – how can media companies and live streaming providers, who make their living delivering video, best take advantage of this new user behavior? That’s where SnappyTV comes in. Through an integration with mpx, you can cut highlights from live TV broadcasts and live streaming events and share them to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, second screen apps, and your websites within seconds of them happening live.

How it Works

SnappyTV is a cloud-based, live clipping tool that allows you to create highlights directly from live streaming content through our LiveCut Editor. All you have to do is set an in-point, set an out point, then hit publish, and our real-time transcoding engine creates the clip instantly. Once the clip is created, you can export it to mpx and post it across all of your social outlets. 

Monetizing on Social

Now that content providers have embraced the second screen, one of biggest challenges facing media companies is how to unlock and utilize social media as not only a viewer engagement tool, but also as a new revenue stream. Through our partnership with Twitter and their Amplify program, SnappyTV has been working closely with content owners to meet these challenges head on by providing deep sponsor integrations tied directly to real-time highlights and viewable inside Tweets. With the mpx integration, you can now leverage SnappyTV to publish instant highlights and deliver pre-rolls and videos through your mpx player allowing you to reach viewers with real-time highlights in Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and your website with just a few clicks.

See it in Action

Want to see the solution in action and learn how you can harness the power of SnappyTV’s real-time editing platform? Contact SnappyTV sales or your Comcast Technology Solutions sales representative. To learn more about SnappyTV, please visit SnappyTV.com.

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