Big data analytics to grow your audience.

Streamhub provides you real-time big data insights to enable you to effectively acquire and retain your viewers. Provided as a one-stop online service, Streamhub is used by TV companies to influence their commissioning strategy, select the right marketing approach and provide advertisers rich audience profiles among other actions. Streamhub is a service built to support the transition as video content evolves from its one-to-many model to a one-to-one business. Formed by a team of TV and online video strategists and internet broadcasting veterans, Streamhub’s in-house team of big data engineers and data scientists collaborate with clients to customise intelligence using three key competencies:

Big data collection of viewership and social market data

  • Across players and apps for Live / VOD
  • Attributing multiple data sources
  • Generating fan profiles
  • Organized for content and marketing strategy

Analysis in context of successful content and audience

  • Segment audience by demographics, history, loyalty and social
  • Production factors that drive viewership
  • Content profile based on affinity to competitors
  • Custom analysis to uncover optimal marketing ROI

Action oriented to improve acquisition and retention

  • Influencing commissioning decisions
  • Selecting the right content for marketing to targeted segments
  • Providing advertisers with rich audience profiles

 Streamhub provides an at-a-glance dashboard that visualizes all the most important media KPIs in real time. Streamhub’s segments visualization focuses on comparing the segments to understand how content, scheduling, device and regional distribution could be modified to reduce churn and increasing loyalty.

  For details on all the reports that you can generate through Streamhub visit:

Comcast Technology Solutions Partnership

Through Streamhub’s plug-in integration into the Cloud Video Platform (fka mpx) Player Development Kit (PDK) and the CVP API, Comcast Technology Solutions customers can benefit from a simple one-step integration reducing disruption and operational cost.

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