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Valtech chose to integrate its R4A solution with Comcast Technology Solutions' Cloud Video Platform (fka mpx) as the leading provider of online video platforms and commerce solutions in OTT / VOD, to meet the market demand for a solution that allows clients to rapidly and cost effectively roll out OTT and VOD services. The combined Comcast Technology Solutions and Valtech solution provides all the capabilities of Cloud Video Platform, a flexible CMS allowing clients to curate and manage its OTT / VOD store as well as R4A’s template based applications for most platforms, including web, mobile, tablet, Smart TVs, casters and game consoles.

R4A is built on open standards and is a starter framework to get started quickly with OTT / VOD. The CMS allows flexible control and text, promotions, menus, help information and allows for broadcast messaging to all user devices. R4A can be deployed pre-set up template apps or as bespoke client apps leveraging either a clients side SDK or back-end API, or a combination of the above. This approach enables our clients to start small with template based applications and then grow and expend the experience over time as the service grows and evolves while retaining 100% ownership and control of the solution.

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