Vionlabs utilizes computer vision and machine learning to generate, never before seen sentiment-data, with simple integration. Based on this, Vionlabs' recommendation engine creates a unique and extremely accurate personal viewer experience. Using Vionlabs' deep learning technology, your audience will be served the true underlying emotions directors convey through images and sound.

Vionlabs works with SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, PayTV-operators or anyone else in the video landscape trying to bring their customers full value of their content investments, we target the consumption and discovery KPI's such as Time To Content, usage and more. In the end everything we do is to increase and move the needle on customer loyalty and customer satisfaction targets.

The most commonly deployed use-cases are similar movies, weekly discovery, end credit recommendations and all the other traditional UI/UX-guiding use-cases, we also create automatic trailers and enhanced meta-data to support your UX and discovery strategy.

Content Enhancement
Design, Dev & System Integration
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