| July 9, 2024

How to Succeed in the Competitive Sports Media Landscape

This panel discussion from the 2024 CTS Monetisation Seminar in Dubai dives into the world of sports video, with a focus on monetisation and industry excellence. Omdia’s Maria Rue Aguete leads the conversation with Jorge De La Nuez Fernando, Head of Technology and Operations at OCS, Peter Gibson, Vice President of Product and Marketing for CTS, Maas Sheikh, CEO and Co-founder of STARZPLAY, and Dave Mace, Principle Industry Specialist at AWS.

The panelists discuss challenges in sports streaming, including securing tournament rights, serving a fragmented audience, and the role of AI in content creation and analytics. The success and challenges of STARZPLAY in a competitive region are highlighted. The conversation also covers monetisation strategies, the impact of social media, fan data, and the potential of eSports.

The views and opinions expressed by the panelists are their own and do not reflect any official policy or position of Comcast.