Understand performance in the home and in the field workforce, like never before

Comcast Technology Solutions developed the XMeter service to elevate the experience of field technicians and customers alike. It is a cloud-based service, married to powerful mobile platforms that deliver unprecedented visibility and performance to both your field operations management and on-site teams.

Broader home picture, deeper insights, greater foresight
The XMeter service empowers fulfillment and maintenance technicians with a complete set of RF diagnostic tests in a user-friendly tool with key features like automatic upload of readings and scans.
Remote viewing allows real-time, on-the-job collaboration and coaching between techs and between field operations teams
Supervisors can analyze their teams’ results via the web-based management dashboard for more effective coaching, procedural compliance, and performance measurement.
The XMeter service provides technicians and leadership important insights into network performance and interdepartmental needs, as well as quality control and meter utilization statistics.

Know what, where, when and how your technicians measured

Share meter scans and test information between technicians and maintenance teams

Integrate work orders and operational reporting

Use remote viewing feature for real-time coaching and training

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