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DataBee™ Cybersecurity Suite offers the DataBee Hive™, a cloud-native security, risk and compliance data fabric platform, and BluVector, an on-premises network detection and response (NDR) platform, to some of the world's large enterprises and federal agencies. We help our customers work smarter with an evidence-centric approach to security that prepares them for what’s next. Developed and proven at scale, DataBee delivers connected security and compliance data and insights that can work for everyone in an organization. Built to protect critical government and enterprise networks, BluVector delivers AI-powered NDR for visibility across network, devices, users, files, and data to discover and hunt skilled and motivated threats.

The DataBee business is owned by Comcast Technology Solutions (CTS), a division of one of the world’s largest global companies, Comcast Corporation. CTS is chartered with bringing Comcast’s proven technologies to other large, regulated enterprises. Inspired by a platform created for use within Comcast Corporation and delivering such promising results—from cost savings to faster threat detection and compliance answers, and more—DataBee is designed for scale.  In 2022, Comcast executives funded a business around this emerging technology space and hired great talent from pure-play security and data technology companies to develop, sell and operate DataBee, which today has over 100 professionals spanning all functions and serving clients across three continents and five countries.

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Why DataBee has been brought to market

If you’re the CISO of a large organization, perhaps you’re dealing with the challenges of scale, complexity, millions of assets to manage, vulnerabilities and exposures to resolve, the continued explosion of data from digital transformation and so many tools and technologies, regulatory and compliance demands, the roll-out of AI initiatives across the organization...it’s a lot.

Hear how two prominent critical infrastructure CISOs, Jesse Whaley from Amtrak and Noopur Davis from Comcast Corporation, are dealing with these issues and how the use of a security data fabric platform helps them answer their burning questions with clean, complete data.

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