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Beet.TV Series: Separate Systems Aren't Fit to Manage the TV Ad Tsunami

Even as subscription OTT TV services go on growing, the rise of ad-funded TV platforms is producing a growing number of digital TV ads. For some in the industry, that is a...
Jon Watts and Justin Morgan on a panel

CTS Connects Summit 2021 On-demand

Hear from industry leaders and peers about the opportunities, ideas, and innovations that will shape media and advertising industries through this decade and beyond.
Bart Spriester and Noopur Davis

Keynote Presentation - The Security Advantage: Protecting Companies, Content, and Consumers

Security is essential at every level, from IP to customer data. In this session, Comcast’s Chief Security Officer Noopur Davis sits down with Bart Spriester to discuss Comcast’s approach to baking in...
Doug Tribblehorn and Pack-12 panel

The New Video Playing Field

PAC-12 Networks discuss the current and future state of sports video, and what they’re doing to reach more screens with winning, playmaking content.
Streaming in the 2020s: An industry comes of age

Streaming in the 2020s Webinar – An Industry Comes of Age

More than three-quarters of US broadband households subscribe to an OTT service, far surpassing the 62% that subscribe to a traditional pay-tv service via a cable or satellite provider. The streaming market...
Addressability Panel

Addressability Now: A Comcast Advertising Roundtable

Addressability is king. Hear advertising leaders from CTS, Effectv and FreeWheel as they discuss addressability now and into the future.
Jon Watts and Justin Morgan on a panel

Partner Panel: The Future of Ad Tech

Representatives from Mediaocean and Flashtalking discuss how media and creative converge to deliver impactful ad campaigns.
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Beet.TV Series: Automation & Partnership Key To Future TV

New TV capabilities promise ad buyers new abilities like household targeting, frequency-capping and advanced reporting all the way to purchase outcomes. But, to get there, the industry is currently in a phase...
Cloud TV
The use of microservices to enable more than just scalability

Cloud TV: Beyond Scalability

Presented by Martin Webb, Senior Product Manager for Cloud TV at CTS, this video explores the trend towards the multi-platform TV cloud. Cloud TV no longer means just online TV.  Learn the benefits...
Digital transformation panel

Industry Panel: The Pay TV Digital Transformation Roadmap

Hear from a panel of media technology experts to hear about where the industry is in the digital transformation process and what the future may hold.
Head in the cloud webinar

Get your head in the TV cloud – creating opportunities for Pay TV by thinking “digital first”

The transformation of video consumption from a channel-based, linear-centric world to one that’s app-based has led to a large amount of fragmentation in the Pay-TV industry. Operators have responded to new SVOD entrants...
Metadata Mastery
Binge-watching panel

The Applied Science of Binge-Watching

Sky is an early adopter of a powerful new framework for unlocking the potential of AI/ML for video. Hear their story.
Kevin Lemberg and Gregg Brown

Metadata Mastery Series - SCTE 224: The Standard that Powers Richer Experiences

SCTE 224 is a metadata powerhouse. Dig in to learn how it can help drive dynamic content experiences and boost ad revenue.
SCTE 224 Webinar

SCTE-224: Enabling Regionalization & Personalization Opportunities

Media and entertainment companies around the world are in the business of creating compelling viewing experiences to keep viewers watching – offering local content is often a great way to keep your...