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Hot Takes on Cybersecurity! SIEMs, Silos, Data, and More…
Hot sauce aficionados Amy Heng (host) and Edward Asiedu, and guest star (and good sport!) Roland Cloutier, former Chief Security Officer of TikTok, ADP, and EMC, indulge in a plate of wings...
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Dark Reading News Desk at Black Hat USA 2023
At Black Hat USA 2023, Comcast’s Noopur Davis and Matthew Tharp had an opportunity to sit down with Dark Reading’s Terry Sweeney at the Dark Reading News Desk, where they discussed the...
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Clean Data, Better Detections: Using Your Business Data for AI/ML Detections
For Comcast, harnessing the power of data has revolutionized the detection game. In fact, the data generated by the business informs and influences threat and AI/ML modeling, providing unparalleled insights compared to...
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How AI can scale retention via personalisation
Martin Webb, Director of Product Management, CloudTV, discusses how AI can enhance retention through personalized experiences, focusing on the relationship between engagement, retention, and churn. He highlights personalization as a flexible factor...
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Improving content discovery using AI - Partner Story
In this Sofa Session, Mitch Askenas from CTS speaks with Jesús Herrero from Jump about customer experiences. They discuss how metadata and AI can enhance engagements through better personalization and content recommendations.
Content Circle of Life Series
2024 Predictions - What's in store for media - Content Circle of Life Ep. 4.png
2024 Predictions: What's in store for media
As we near the halfway point of the “new roaring '20s,” content providers, advertisers, and MVPDs continue to look to emerging technology to address new challenges and rapidly shifting market demands. Our...
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Contextual targeting with fewer cookies
With changing privacy regulations and the deprecation of third-party cookies, big changes in the industry have caused advertisers to evolve their targeting methods, including contextual targeting – which is increasing in prominence...
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Revolutionizing Ad Management: How Xfinity took ad management into the modern age
As ad tech becomes more fragmented, advertisers look for more efficient ways to manage ad campaigns. Comcast leads the way in modern ad management, navigating this changing terrain with advanced technology. Our...