Today, the media and entertainment industries are robust, innovative, and dynamic, embracing the rollout of streaming services, the promise of advanced TV and video advertising, and the opportunities presented by the transition to IP delivery. However, many executives believe that the industry is only at the beginning of this journey — and that there is more work to do if the full potential of these new opportunities and developments is to be realized by 2025.

What is the state of the industry at the dawn of the new decade?

How will the media and entertainment industries develop during the 2020s?

What benefits can be unlocked and realized during the coming years by deploying new technologies and approaches?

How different will the industry look by 2025 if it continues to build on the progress made during the 2010s?

The TV 2025 Initiative explores these questions and more, working with senior executives around the world to uncover the opportunities and priorities for media and entertainment companies in the decade ahead.

How can advertisers reach a multi-screen planet?

The primary goal of a mature advertiser is to connect the right message to the right consumer in order to have the most impact. To that end, this year is already one for the history books, well beyond the evolving nature of customer lifecycles and ad tech in a more predictable year.

How does it change a campaign strategy when global events come along and disrupt everything? Events that drastically alter everything from what people value and think about to how they interact — not just with products, but with each other?

Can an advertiser really move fast enough to weather any storm?

Discover a world of possibilities.