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In a market that never stands still, the right partner keeps technology one step ahead, providing solutions to our collective business and technology challenges and helping to forge a shared vision for the future. Comcast Technology Solutions works with you to deliver your best to your customers with a broad portfolio of market-ready products and services that make it easier to connect with your viewers everywhere, on every device.

The Business of "Play"– Monetization in a Video Economy

Advertisers, content providers, broadcasters, agencies, content creators: One thing we have in common is that video is foundational to our success as a business. Across every discipline, teams and tech are working in concert to impact the minds and wallets of an increasingly intelligent, informed, and accessible global audience. Every video has a purpose, and a value.

In The Business of "Play" we discuss:

  • Hybridity: The New Normal
  • Elasticity: Technology for Omni-Directional Agility
  • Tools to Maximize Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Project Spotlight: People TV
  • Advertisers: Capitalize on More Screen Opportunities
  • Advanced Commerce for Ad Buyers and Sellers
  • The Challenges: Time and Complexity
  • The Problem for Buyers and Sellers
Discover a world of possibilities.