Content Distribution Tailored for Your Business

In a market that never stands still, the right partner keeps technology one step ahead, providing solutions to our collective business and technology challenges and helping to forge a shared vision for the future. Comcast Technology Solutions works with you to deliver your best to your customers with a broad portfolio of market-ready products and services that make it easier to connect with your viewers everywhere, on every device.

Multi-Platform? No Problem. How Content Providers Use Tech to Deliver Extraordinary Experiences

There are multiple doors by which viewers can access your content; the trick is, no matter which one they use, to greet them with a fresh, consistently relevant experience worth repeating. It’s a tall order, indeed. To win hearts and screens, video destinations are working harder to understand who’s watching, and to incorporate relationship building as a core component of the brand. 

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A Quick Guide to Ad Distribution

The delivery of an ad to a specific destination seems pretty straightforward; but it’s a noisy, mobile, on-any-screen world in which we live.

Innovations in media technology are improving the speed and accuracy of advertising workflows. At the same time, however, new ways for consumers to engage with content introduce new complexities that must be addressed.

As the nation’s fourth largest advertiser, we understand the nuance of delivering the right spot to the right place at the right time. Our Ad Distribution Quick Guide is a collection of our top articles that cover best practices, ad types and monetization models. 

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