Seamless post-production for multi-platform ad creative.

Comcast Technology Solutions’ advertising Production Solutions provide customers with decades of experience as a leader in video content production and distribution.

Advertising production is an increasingly complex component of delivery, and many layers of specialization are required. But Comcast Technology Solutions provides you with more than just a “portal and a pipe.”

From file prep and media management, to quality control and distribution, you have access to a team that provides personalized solutions through a suite of continuously evolving technologies and products.

  • Digital file creation
  • Video encoding for ad measurement watermarking (BVS(VEIL), Nielsen (SpotTrac), Teletrax, and more)
  • Down-converting (HD to SD)
  • Logo insertions
  • Transcoding
  • Professional voiceover services
  • Reslates
  • Mass duplication services
  • DVD authoring
  • Conversions
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