Comprehensive ad management for audiences worldwide.

Comcast Technology Solutions offers a comprehensive, unified, global ad management platform that saves advertisers and agencies time and money by automating the creative process and eliminating manual processes for matching creative to media buys across all channels. The Ad Management Platform enables both linear and digital distribution and integrates talent rights management, while our collaboration with Peach allows for ads to be delivered internationally.

To reinvent our own workflows, we envisioned the optimal end-state for our roles as both advertiser and content provider, and then engineered backwards to reimagine and reinvent an end-to-end service that would get us – and you – where we all need to go.

We brought the technology together, innovating the parts that needed to be upgraded – or invented outright. We identified several overarching requirements that the service needed to achieve in order to get closer to a true future-proof architecture: 

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