Comprehensive ad management for audiences worldwide.

Comcast Technology Solutions offers a comprehensive, unified, global ad management platform that saves advertisers and agencies time and money by automating the creative process and eliminating manual processes for matching creative to media buys across all channels. 

The Ad Management Platform enables both linear and digital distribution and integrates talent rights management, while our collaboration with Peach allows for ads to be delivered internationally.

The Evolution of Creative Management

Ad Management Platform from Comcast Technology Solutions, will play a significant role optimizing the last mile of the creative supply chain, ensuring that your investment drives real business impact.

Equip your teams with the most advanced creative management solution to:

  • Get your ads in front of your customers faster
  • Manage usage rights and prevent unnecessary fines
  • Unify media and creative data, automating traffic & ad delivery
  • Access real-time reporting
  • Save time AND money
More than 50% reduction in time spent on operational processes
All partners collaborating in a single platform
Visibility & Accuracy
Eliminate talent fines
One platform, real business impact
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