Deliver broadcast-quality ads to any screen in near-real time.

Ad Store is a centralized, cloud-based management and commerce platform that bridges the gap between demand-side and supply-side needs by hosting content in an aggregated creative library – creating an all-access marketplace where ads can be uploaded, selected, and sent. Execution of an ad order always defaults to the highest-quality file available for each destination.

This new approach accelerates time to market, providing the ability to quickly identify assets and deliver them with the speed, quality, and reliability required to be monetized as part of a linear or digital playback. Along the way, process waste and unneeded manual intervention are eliminated in favor of a highly efficient machine-to-machine workflow.

Digital + Broadcast: One Tool To Control Both

The cloud-based platform was initially created for our own need for a better way to store, manage, and deliver broadcast-quality ads across both linear and digital landscapes at the highest scale. By hosting content in an aggregated library that’s accessible by both ad buyers and sellers we allow for the quick delivery of top-quality ad files to any destination.

Ads can now be sent to a universal library, and programmers have access to this multi-tenancy environment. Centralization of file storage and transfer decreases processing time from days to hours, making virtually every broadcast or digital destination available to advertisers. There are a multitude of benefits to media suppliers:

Speed and Efficiency
Often, speed of execution makes the difference between a successful campaign and an under-performing one. With Ad Store, advertisers and agencies can capitalize on late-breaking opportunities: ads can be manipulated, transcoded, inserted and distributed into linear or digital outlets from start to finish in less than two hours.
Broadcast Quality
The last thing an advertiser wants is to see a poor-quality version of their spot airing during a premium event or program. Our approach ensures consistent quality across platforms and device types. Advertisers can deliver crystal clear ad quality that complements viewing experiences and elevates the impact of each campaign.
Ad files are housed in the cloud and the system deduplicates ads with the same ISCI or AD-ID. Direct Sold, Programmatic and Direct IO are managed on the fly through our Ad Store, resulting in the audience not seeing the same ad over and over in the same ad break.
Largest Ad Library
Ad Store’s library and management architecture streamlines the ad-delivery workflow, allowing advertisers, agencies, programmers, and broadcasters unprecedented access. With real-time execution in a multi-tenancy environment, advertisers can reach audiences anytime, anywhere.
Improved Savings and ROI
The speed of cloud commerce unlocks new monetization strategies for ads with short lifecycles and helps advertisers and agencies capitalize on late-breaking opportunities. Revenue streams around VOD inventories are optimized by allowing for dynamic ad insertion in VOD assets.
Reduce manual errors and time to transcode multiple versions of an ad by auto-transcoding broadcast-quality ads into proper formats and sizes, making the ad available to serve on all platforms for quicker insertion.
Unified Reporting
Clear information is provided around the work involving each asset, through unified reporting and instant tracking so that operational environments are always up to speed. 24/7 monitoring from our own operations team ensures that each video meets all downstream specifications and requirements.
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