Deliver broadcast-quality ads to any screen in near-real time.


AdFusion™ is a centralized, cloud-based management platform that connects ad buyers and sellers through an all-access solution where ads can be uploaded, prepared, selected, and sent to all distribution endpoints. Real-time creative conditioning and asset management, along with APIs to major ad decisioning engines offer content owners and distributors a path to addressability and targeting across TV, digital and social channels.

AdFusion removes complexity from all sides of the video advertising ecosystem — reducing the amount of time required to place campaigns from days to minutes.

Speed and Efficiency
Capitalize on late-breaking opportunities: ads can be manipulated, transcoded, inserted and distributed into linear or digital outlets from start to finish in near-real time.
Broadcast Quality
Ensure consistent quality across platforms and device types. Programmers deliver crystal clear ad quality that complements viewing experiences and elevates the impact of each campaign.
Addressability and Targeting
Condition and deliver ads based on real-time programmatic or addressable decisioning. This enables real time targeting and monetization of all ad inventory.
Reduced Redundancy
Deduplicate ads with the same ISCI or AD-ID. Direct Sold, Programmatic and Direct IO are managed on the fly preventing repeat ads in the same ad break.
Streamline workflows
Streamline the ad-delivery workflow, allowing advertisers, agencies, programmers, and broadcasters unprecedented access.
Improved Savings and ROI
The speed of cloud commerce unlocks new monetization strategies for ads with short lifecycles. Revenue streams are optimized by allowing for dynamic ad insertion in VOD assets.
Reduce manual errors and time to transcode multiple versions of an ad by auto-transcoding broadcast-quality ads into proper formats and sizes, making the ad available to serve on all platforms for quicker insertion.
Unified Reporting and Tracking
Keep operational environments up to speed. 24/7 monitoring from our operations team ensures that each video meets all downstream specifications and requirements.

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