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November 1, 2017

Ad Distribution: The Performance Model

Renee Ingenito, Executive Director

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Advertising delivery is, at its core, content delivery and share many of the same overarching delivery pain points – such as the increased costs and complexities of serving a multi-platform consumer landscape and the mounting expenses of producing top-quality video spots. Just like the “found money” from choosing locations with regional production incentives, choosing the right distribution partner can bring substantial long-term dividends. The ideal choice equips brands with a delivery discipline that’s constantly being optimized for time and cost savings that can be used to expand and reinforce campaigns.


  • The right partner understands the complexity of content delivery, encoding, and transcoding all available formats, the various methods for distributing content and the multiple platforms where content is used. Automate your ad spot delivery workflows – from uploads, to conversions and traffic logistics to status updates and delivery confirmations. 
  • Streamline the management of ad spots with tools that allow for instant review and tracking, easy order placement, and the ability to easily manage and insert metadata into each asset. 


  • Best-case scenario: your complete delivery service functions as an organic extension of your own organization. This cannot happen without dedicated support that operates at a high level of transparency and 24x7 availability.
  • “Cost creep” is notorious, especially in the form of “extra” fees and surcharges. Talk to prospective partners upfront about the flexibility of their pricing models, whether or not they impose late fees or reslate charges, or if there is a window for submitting re-pitches at zero cost.

Prepared for the road ahead

Innovation in the advertising arts can often feel like a double-edged sword. On one hand, new delivery technologies and workflows can drastically improve the performance of your workflow and reach of your media assets. At the same time, new avenues of interaction are right around the corner, creating advertising opportunities that introduce new complexities into the mix. It’s an exciting time, to be sure – but it’s never been more important to maintain a technology approach that empowers brands to compete on the strength of their message, no matter where it needs to be seen.

Comcast Technology Solutions is helping advertisers to do exactly that, through a partnership based on decades of practical experience as both an advertiser and content provider. Are you interested in discovering new ways to improve your campaign’s performance?  Contact us.