Blog | Dave Browne, Director of Product Management
June 12, 2018

Attaining Long-Term Subscriber Love

The attraction of a subscription VOD business model is a reliable revenue stream, powered by a personalized experience that evolves to remain relevant and valuable to viewers. Monetization choices are a big part of that, and have an indelible impact on the way subscribers value their services.

Planting Seeds for Organic Growth

It’s easy to see how effectively a popular show can bring a competitive destination to the attention of a larger audience. Binge-watching is a relatively new phenomena, and the increasing number of industry awards for over-the-top (OTT) movies, series, and other programming is testimony to the drive for great content that really resonates with audiences. A great show can lead to explosive growth in new subscriber sign-ups, especially when paired with the launch of new add-on options that build more value, or creative introductory offers that entice and invite deeper participation at a more attractive price. Once the allure of introductory offers and big-ticket content segues into daily use, however, media brands are learning to engage and even incentivize their members to help grow the brand organically. But what does organic growth really mean?

Simply put, it’s an emphasis on growing from the inside out. Not only through ads, search optimization, or other marketing, but also by improving the value of each relationship and cultivating a base of happy customers who will share your content with others. Just like a garden you’d tend in your back yard, organic growth starts with consistently delivering the things that keep your customers healthy – which for video includes things like a great playback experience, rich and unique content offerings, and an enduring sense of value. From there, you can provide tools for your fans to use, and incentives like gift vouchers or refer-a-friend programs that make participation rewarding and easy.

New white paper: Advanced Commerce: SVOD

Comcast Technology Solutions has just published a new paper that speaks specifically to the advanced commerce tools and techniques that SVOD destinations can employ to lengthen and strengthen subscriber relationships. Sections include:

  • The “Perfect Subscription VOD Model” — Your technology choices support your ability to meet each viewer on his / her terms, no matter what that means today – or what that might mean tomorrow. Subscription terms may shift based on business objectives, and offerings may evolve into a hybrid of subscription, ad-based, or transactional components to appeal to a wider range of consumers.
  • Making it Easy to Locate and Buy Content — Your user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design can build experiences that elevate the lifetime value of subscribers through seamless monetization opportunities and simple, effective quality of life enhancements.
  • Enabling Tailored Promotions and Custom Offers — Just like any other relationship, the successful SVOD business is constantly evolving along with the habits and preferences of consumers.