Blog | Amy Heng
June 26, 2023

DataBee is growing fast – join us!

Let’s get right to the point: we’re growing fast and looking for great minds to come with us.  

In April, CTS launched DataBee™ – Comcast’s innovative cloud-native security, risk and compliance data fabric platform. The original concept of DataBee was designed by Comcast’s CISO organization to gain more security insights using data generated throughout the business and validate the efficacy of our security programs. And we’re excited to share the benefits DataBee with other organizations. As Nicole Bucala, our VP and GM of Cybersecurity said in this blog, DataBee “is solving a problem I’d seen vendors try to address, unsuccessfully, for years: the desire to centralize security, compliance, and business data neatly, sorted and combined elegantly in a single place, from which insights could be derived and actions to be taken.” 

Since launch, not only has DataBee gotten a lot of buzz (pun intended), but we continue to identify more use cases that can benefit from it. As a result, Comcast is investing heavily into the future of DataBee, and we’re inviting you to explore a place on our expanding team.  

Comcast: a career – and company – you can be proud of 

Comcast Technology Solutions is a fantastic place for bright minds and forward-thinkers looking to innovate and evolve with a company they can be proud of. As part of Comcast NBCUniversal, you’ll be joining one of the strongest, most forward-thinking companies in the world, with a multitude of ways to collaborate and evolve your own career path. We’re not just resting on our laurels as a Fortune 40 company – Comcast NBCUniversal has a proud heritage of employee satisfaction, environmental action, and community support:  

Open positions: just a start 

Creative thinkers and great “people people” are expanding DataBee’s reach across complex industries that need a better way to not only protect themselves, but to do more with their data. Our engineering and sales teams are thriving with professionals who are building the future of data.  

Click here to check out our current open positions. 

  • Strategic Account Executive (Virtual)
  • Cybersecurity Field GRC Architect (Colorado, Virtual)
  • Cybersecurity Software Developer (Virtual)
  • Principal DevOps Engineer (Virtual)
  • Principal DevOps Engineer (Virtual)
  • UI Full Stack Developer (Virtual)
  • UI Full Stack Developer (Virtual)
  • Cybersecurity Platform Engineer (Virtual)
  • Sr. Manager Development Operations (Virtual)
  • Data Solutions Engineer (Virtual)
  • Cybersecurity Principal SaaS Architect (Virtual)
  • Cybersecurity Data Scientist Manager (Virtual)
  • Cybersecurity Data Analysis Manager (Virtual)
  • Cybersecurity Dataflow Software Engineering Manager (Virtual)
  • Senior Director Product Manager, Data Fabric Platform (Virtual)
  • Director Product Manager, Data Fabric (Virtual)

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally on LinkedIn – we can talk about DataBee’s plans, your career goals, and where we might find a place to work together. There’s a lot more to come; DataBee is just starting to take flight.