Blog | Nik Kreutzer
December 5, 2023

DataBee is a Leader in Governance, Risk, and Compliance in Snowflake's The Next Generation of Cybersecurity Applications

Today, Snowflake recognized DataBee, part of Comcast Technology Solutions, as a Leader in the Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Category in Snowflake’s The Next Generation of Cybersecurity Applications. As the Director of Strategic Sales and Go-to-Market Strategy, I am proud to help joint customers achieve fast, accurate, and data-driven compliance answers and resolutions that measure risks and controls effectiveness.  

The inaugural, data-backed report identified five technology categories that security teams may consider when building their cybersecurity strategy. In addition to the GRC category, the other categories included: Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Cloud Security, Data Enrichment and Threat Intelligence, and Emerging Segments. 

DataBee puts your data at the center for dynamic, detail-rich compliance metrics and reports. The cloud-native security, risk and compliance data fabric platform weaves together security data sources with asset owner details and organizational hierarchy information, breaking down data silos and adding valuable context to cyber-risk reports and metrics.

snowflake nextgen cs apps

By being a connected application Powered by Snowflake partner, DataBee makes continuous controls monitoring (CCM) a reality by enabling customers to securely and quickly access large, historical datasets in Snowflake while driving down costs and maintaining high performance. DataBee’s robust analytics enables teams across the organization to leverage the same dataset for high fidelity analysis, decisioning, response and assurance outcomes without worrying about retention limits. From executives to governance, risk and compliance (GRC) analysts, DataBee on Snowflake delivers a dynamic and reliable single source of truth. 

Thank you to Snowflake for partnering with DataBee! As Nicole Bucala mentioned in our press release, DataBee makes it faster, easier and more cost effective for GRC teams to combine and share the security and business data and insights that their constituents need to stay compliant and mitigate risk. Our strategic partnership with Snowflake is an essential part of our solution, providing a powerful, flexible, and fully managed cloud data platform for our customers’ data regardless of the source.