Blog | Tessa Cohen
April 24, 2024

DataBee's guide to sweetening your RSAC experience

Noopur Davis, Comcast’s Chief Information Security Officer recently talked about bringing digital transformation to cybersecurity, where she stated, “The questions we dare to ask ourselves become more audacious each day.” In cybersecurity, this audacity is the spark that ignites innovation. By embracing bold questions answered by connected security data, we can unlock new ideas that transform how we defend our digital world.

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This is particularly fitting as the theme for this year's RSA Conference is "The Art of Possible”. With data being so abundant, it’s essential to have immediate and continuous insights to be data-directed when making business decisions and staying ahead of today’s threats, to better enable you in foreseeing tomorrow’s challenges.

Organizations, however, still struggle to pull together and integrate security data into a common platform. This year Techstrong research surveyed cybersecurity professionals in a Pulsemeter report that shares a glimpse into security data challenges and how security data fabrics herald a new era in security data management. According to the survey, 44% of respondents have 0-50% of their security data integrated. This can result in:

  • Lack of visibility into security and compliance programs
  • Data explosions and silos
  • Challenges with evolving regulations and mandates
  • Difficulties performing analytics at scale
  • Exorbitant data storage and computing costs

DataBee™ from Comcast Technology Solutions can help overcome these challenges and assist in regaining control over your security data. The DataBee Hive Platform has brought technology to the market that can help with automating data ingestion, validating data quality, and lowering processing costs. This can lead to:

  • Improved collaboration by working on the same data set
  • More immediate and connected security data insights
  • More consistent and accurate compliance dashboards
  • Better data to power your AI initiatives and capabilities

DataBee is excited to participate in RSAC 2024 and help you achieve these outcomes for your organization.

Where to meet DataBee in Moscone Center

We're thrilled to showcase the DataBee Hive; a security, risk, and compliance data fabric platform designed to deliver connected security data that works for everyone. Buzz by Moscone North Hall and visit our booth #5278. We’ll be showcasing:

  • How to cost-optimize your SIEM
  • Reduce security audit stress
  • Make your CMDB more complete
  • Get a 360-degree activity view of any asset or user
  • And more!

Is the expo floor too busy or noisy? You can meet us one-on-one at Marriott Marquis by reserving a more personal conversation with the team.

Make you and RSA Conference a reality

Here's the deal: we want you there! DataBee has two fantastic options to help you attend, claim your ticket here at the RSA Conference website:

🎟️ Free RSA Conference Expo Pass: 52ECMCDTABEXP

🎟️ Discounted Full RSA Conference Pass - Save $150 with code: 52FCDCMCDTABE

Snowflake, DataBee, and Comcast


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But wait, there's more!  Join us for an evening of conversations, networking, and relaxation at our reception on May 8th, co-hosted with Comcast Ventures, Comcast Business, and Snowflake. 

  • Date: Wednesday, May 8th, 2024
  • Time: 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

After you register, keep an eye out for your confirmation email, which will include all the insider details on where to find us. This is your chance to unwind, network with fellow attendees, and forge valuable connections in a more relaxed setting. Register here to secure your spot and receive the location details. 

Let's make your RSAC experience the best yet!

The DataBee team is eager to meet you and explore ways we can contribute to your organization's security data maturity journey. We invite you to visit us at booth #5278, network with us at the private reception, grab a photo with our mascot, and snag some bee-themed giveaways! We look forward to seeing you there!