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September 11, 2017

What is Media Technology Lifecycle Management?

Josh Arensberg, Vice President


I recently presented a paper introducing Media Technology Lifecycle Management (MTLM), but what does it really mean? Theoretically speaking, MTLM is a simple and effective approach for organizations to help keep operations on a path of continuous improvement and growth. It’s our way of staying on top of industry trends, born from our rich history as content provider, and our experience as a trusted delivery partner to content providers, advertisers, global operators and technology companies. It’s a way to apply critical thought to technology and workflow planning that’s available to anyone. We believe it will help any company working within our dynamic and always-evolving industry. 

Media Technology Lifecycle Management charts a cohesive technology course that can be used to continuously assess, plan, orchestrate, and deliver business value within the complex world of linear and digital media. Its purpose is to help align technical requirements and planning through a more incremental, integrated and collaborative strategy. MTLM is a guide, empowering teams and organizations to meet shifting customer behaviors and demands with dynamic new technologies, delivery approaches, and monetization models.

Media Technology Lifecycle Management is designed to help organizations embrace and adapt to shifting industry dynamics, and to increase the value that all stakeholders (internal and external) deliver to the organization. A pragmatic approach to better manage the media technology lifecycle that frees up time to focus on core business initiatives – like serving customers and creating new content – while simultaneously lowering operating expenses. MTLM contributes, in an open and freely available way, to the evolution into a new era of media technology, delivery and consumption.

At its core, Media Technology Lifecycle Management promotes visibility and efficiency throughout a unified process and a shift in mindset to be practiced throughout the organization. We are excited to present this approach to you – and hope you gain value from it as you build your plans for the future.

Download your copy of the Media Technology Lifecycle Management guide paper.