The FCC C-band Order requires that SES and the other satellite operators provide their associated earth station operators with a “turnkey solution.” The drive toward 5G is bringing change to the industry that will affect us all. 

Comcast Technology Solutions (CTS), along with our partners Harmonic and SES, are here to guide you through this transition, helping to ensure your video business remains whole, and that you receive the financial and technical support needed you to need to upgrade your headend(s). CTS remains committed to your business as a partner in helping you achieve your digital transformation goals.

Speakers: Allison Olien, Vice President for Communications and Technology Provider Solutions

During this session, we discussed the following:

  • Latest developments surrounding the C-Band Order and timeline for your decision
  • What to consider when planning for the transition making the right decisions for your business
  • Reminders for registered earth stations and what to expect
  • What you need to do if you have an unregistered earth station
  • Upcoming product developments from CTS including Managed Terrestrial Distribution

Watch the replay from the August 18 webinar: