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Modern voice services can be prohibitively expensive to deploy at scale but are an attractive way to cultivate longer, more profitable relationships with both business and residential consumers alike. Comcast Technology Solutions offers a comprehensive set of world-class voice-over-IP (VoIP) solutions that transform the traditional delivery method for operators. 

IP-based voice services with Comcast’s quality and scale – and no infrastructure investment.

A true state-of-the art voice solution adds tremendous value to business and residential technology customers alike; however the costs associated with building and maintaining a modern service can make for an expensive addition to your portfolio. The Cloud Communications Platform provides a cost-effective alternative that allows you to retain a Triple Play offering without over-investing in infrastructure.

With Comcast’s advanced network and economy of scale, you can tailor your own custom multi-tenant voice product – one that complements your brand and delights customers with deep functionality and solid dependability. The Cloud Communications Platform is managed as a service, with tools that provide a complete reporting picture for performance across the ecosystem: Inventory management, Provisioning, Service Assurance, Invoicing, API Uptime, and Call Detail Records (CDRs).

IMS core
Comcast’s advanced features, geo-redundant architecture, and coast-to-coast locations serve over 12 million lines across the U.S.
Call routing
Complete turnkey transport for local, toll, Long Distance and International calls, including branded operator and directory assistance as well as E-911 and 8YY service
Interoperability and interconnection to other voice service providers across platform applications
IP network and last mile
Partner retention of service and customer experience: Billing, Care, truck rolls

Your own tailored voice product

The Cloud Communications Platform is a superior choice because it’s designed to be specifically molded into your vision for your customers. The service can be tailored for your specific requirements including regulatory, technical, product, and geographic considerations. For example, you could deploy a Platform solution, a VoIP Peering solution, or a full Branded offering. We can even mix/match these approaches to serve different requirements for the same partner.
From features and capabilities exposed through an API, our partners can create and manage their own product offerings to match their market.
VoIP peering
Outsource the delivery of calls without giving up any control of your product
roadmap and capabilities.
Private label
Pre-packaged concierge VoIP — as simple as that.

Cloud Communications Platform systems and services

Utilizing the same core elements, backend systems across the platform combine to provide a single end user experience for voice, broadband, and video services.

Cloud Comms Platform Workflow

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