Cloud TV Lunch and Learn Replay

Today, consumers expect to access their content of choice anywhere and at any time, regardless of which device they happen to be using. 

This adds levels of complexity linear and digital businesses are striving to solve for by converging broadcast and OTT workflows to achieve a transparent delivery layer, and ultimately, a seamless living room and mobile experience.

Comcast Technology Solutions has already successfully navigated this digital transformation with Cloud TV, our new and complete solution already in market which unites and streamlines linear and digital businesses allowing them to move to an “as-a-service” model.  

Watch the lunch and learn recording to learn how to:

  • Build an end-to-end flexible, scalable and reliable solution
  • Take advantage of Cloud TV reference architecture to get to your audience faster than ever before
  • Converge broadcast and OTT systems to drive savings and operational efficiencies
  • Enabling business model differentiation, such as blending advertising and commerce monetization, that’s out of reach of general-purpose e-commerce platforms.