Drive consistent, reliable, broadcast-quality experiences to every device.

As consumer expectations for the quality, reliability, and speed of online media grow, smart delivery strategies must evolve to keep pace. The popularity of streaming video, online gaming, and large media downloads mean Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are critical to success. The multi-CDN approach provides global reach and offers the speed, security, and reliability businesses need to expand to new digital and geographic frontiers.

The right CDN strategy can widen delivery footprints and help securely meet consumer demands. Milliseconds matter. Every additional second of delivery time brings more potential for outages, latency issues, and buffering. Forward thinking media delivery strategies like performance routing and an open-source architecture ensure your business has the speed needed today and the scalability for tomorrow.

Comcast CDN Content Delivery Network Map
Deliver your content on a network built for video

Leverage Comcast’s multi-CDN fabric to deliver your broadcast quality content over the Comcast CDN and other pure-play CDNs using DLVR multi-CDN Routing technology. With a Multi-CDN approach, your media will be delivered at broadcast quality without sacrificing download speed. Optimize costs through the application of performance-based and static business rules, while reducing storage and egress costs through a single CDN-agnostic origin.

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