Video to the CDNth Degree

Content delivery networks (CDNs) are a must-have for any business looking to deliver digital video to a large audience. Why? Because when it comes to an engaging playback experience, it’s all about the distance between the video file and the consumer. Time is not only of the essence, it’s also the enemy: Every additional second of delivery time brings more potential for signal interruptions, latency issues, and buffering, all of which are contrary to a great playback experience. The reasoning behind a CDN deployment is simple: the more that a content provider can shorten the distance that a file must travel, the less time it takes to make it to the screen.

Start with Comcast’s built-for-video network, and build a redundant system that delivers the highest-quality playback and performance.

As consumer expectations for the quality, reliability, and speed of online media grow, smart delivery strategies must evolve to keep pace. The popularity of streaming video, online gaming, and large media downloads mean Content Delivery Networks are critical to success – and the right CDN strategy can widen delivery footprints and help securely meet consumer demands.

Origin protection
With our Multi-CDN strategy, we will provide performance routing and management along with multiple top tier CDNs in each region.
Redundancy and reliability
Our Multi-CDN infrastructure consists of the top CDN providers which are tested and proven for all video streaming and distribution.
Quality improvement
Bring your own CDN or performance/monitoring routing and let Comcast Technology Solutions augment your solution for enhanced performance. Reduce operational costs and ensure quality to end consumer. 
Delivery speed
Leverage multiple CDNs and real-world data in real time to get the fastest delivery and performance.

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