Make the most out of your content library.

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5 ways virtual channels can help maximize your content offering.

Media consumption skyrockets during disruptive events, with streaming video via TV increasing by 61%...

Why virtual channels?

Tailored Experiences
Build an entire channel around a specific interest or audience, or set up a temporary “pop-up” channel with 24x7 programming that supports a specific live event with a combination of live and on-demand content.
Region-Specific Scheduling
Our approach makes it easy to handle content blackouts (like live sports limitations) or other restrictions. From a common stream, region-specific variations are built and delivered to the right screens.
One user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface to create and command your linear schedules. Define your sources, upload your assets, define your policies (regional and/or global), and launch your channel.

Can we still call it TV?

Watching TV

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