Polymorphic and emerging threats are going undetected

Breaching access to the network is the golden ticket for adversaries to start achieving their malicious objectives. The proliferation of Crime-as-a-Service offerings and automation tools allow threat actors to easily deliver malware to victims while obfuscating and evading detection. Without known indicators of Compromise (IoCs), agencies and enterprises relying on static signature detections remain vulnerable.  

Protect your network from new and emerging threats with an AI/ML-driven malware detection engine. BluVector’s Advanced Threat Detection (ATD) leverages a patented machine learning algorithm to identify and block known and signatureless threats.

Combat advanced threats with artificial intelligence and machine learning

Stop Threats from the Start
On average, BluVector detected malware samples 42.8 months before they appeared in VirusTotal.
Block File-based Threats
Identify malicious content in Microsoft Office documents, portable executables (PE) including EXEs, PDFs, archive file types, and system updates.
Immediate Protection
Expedite protection with BluVector's 99.1% detection accuracy on implementation.

Stay months ahead of adversaries

BluVector’s Advanced Threat Detection is ready to detect threats and malware months in advance of its first reported sighting. On average, BluVector’s AI malware detection engine successfully detects zero-day, high-profile malware 42.8 months before the malware is publicly disclosed. Our AI solution covers over 40 of the most prevalent malicious file types. 

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