Federal networks are mission critical

Nation-state attackers and threats are leveraging sophisticated tactics, techniques and procedures to gain access to the network. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Firewalls, and Sandboxes are effective solutions to stop known threats, but stopping and responding to evasive and modern threats requires network visibility through a comprehensive, layered cyber defense approach.  

Gain visibility into your network and detect zero-day attacks with BluVector’s AI-powered Network Detection and Response(NDR) solution that accelerates your Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) journey.  

Built and optimized for government networks and infrastructure

Complete Visibility
Don’t stop at just network visibility. BluVector gives you visibility across devices, users, files, and data — all critical to accelerating your adoption of the zero trust architecture.
Adaptive Policy Enforcement
Implement and enforce policies based on your agency’s risk tolerance while continuously monitoring user, hosts, services, and threats to apply flexible policies for changing risk scoring factors.
NIST Compliant and Zero Trust Ready
NIST Special Publication 800-207 states, “Trust must be continually evaluated”. BluVector’s monitoring makes it possible to observe deviant behaviors and determine when access should be adapted or entirely removed.

Ready to work with government agencies today

Authorized to Operate ATO
BluVector has undergone extensive evaluation and accreditation and can deploy across .mil and .gov access points.
Special Access Projects and Special Access Required clearance allow BluVector to keep you secure in cross-domain situations.
Immediate Defense
The BluVector box arrives packed with pre-trained algorithms that detect with accuracy from the get-go to get instant protection.

Enterprises and government agencies trust BluVector as their NDR solution of choice

“BluVector was deployed to scan 100% of our network traffic, and we saw a drop of 61% in support and hardware costs while allowing our existing team to investigate more meaningful threats, automate much of the activity, and onboard tools for greater efficiency.”

US Federal Government Agency Director