Federal agencies and enterprises are on a mission to adopt a zero trust strategy

In an effort to improve government defenses against increasingly sophisticated and persistent threats, the President’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued M-22-09 Memorandum and CISA 23-01 Directive.

Risk and trust are dynamic. The move to a zero trust architecture (ZTA) is built on the principles of “Never Trust, Always Verify”. By establishing access based on context and continual, strict user authentication, trust is no longer implicit.  

However, zero trust architecture does not address threats already inside the network — and weaponized data can continue to evade ZTA safeguards. 

Zero trust you can trust with BluVector

BluVector enables continuous diagnostics and mitigation required for a robust implementation of ZTA, making it possible to observe deviant behaviors and determine when access should be adapted or entirely removed. By going beyond policy enforcement through continuously monitoring behaviors of users, hosts, services, and threats, organizations have full flexibility to change the risk scoring factors.
Complete Visibility
Don’t stop at just network visibility. BluVector gives you visibility across devices, users, files, and data — all critical to accelerating your adoption of the Zero Trust Architecture.
Reinforce Your Perimeter
Accelerate threat hunting inside your network to remediate threats and vulnerabilities hiding in your environment.
Adaptive Policy Enforcement
Implement and enforce policies based on your agency’s risk tolerance while continuously monitoring user, hosts, services, and threats to apply flexible policies for changing risk scoring factors.

Built to give you visibility for zero trust

Effective ZTA implementation requires powerful and flexible tools to do that at scale and speed.
NIST Compliant and Zero Trust Ready
NIST Special Publication 800-207 states, “Trust must be continually evaluated”. BluVector’s monitoring makes it possible to observe deviant behaviors and determine when access should be adapted or entirely removed.
Continuous Diagnositics
BluVector supports continuous diagnostics and mitigation by automatically detecting, triaging, and prioritizing threats that evade network boundary protection to enable faster responses to attacks.
Designed for Protecting Networks
BluVector specializes in detecting weaponized data and behaviors, continuous validation of trust, and threat hunting at scale.