Converge physical and information security data with business context

The world is a blend of digital and physical where your people – employees, contractors, third parties, and guests – interact with applications and physical workstations. Despite this, many organizations' physical and information security information remain largely disconnected. The lack of interoperability impacts the speed to correlate and enrich findings with business context and other security data that can give a more immediate indicator of a threat.

Drive a more comprehensive risk management and incident response program by integrating insights from physical and information security. With DataBee EntityViews that provides insights into users and event timelines, your analysts can use physical security data like badge readers to help uncover corporate espionage and financial crimes and provide global workforce protection.

Actionable and converged security dataset
Actionable and converged security dataset

With DataBee, data is fused together, enriched with business policy context, organizational hierarchy, employment status, authentication and endpoint activity logs, physical badge and entrance logs, and more to show you everything a user does with business data and assets in a company office and network. The dataset is transformed to the DataBee-extended Open Cybersecurity Framework Schema (OCSF) where it can reside in a data lake for a single, accurate, and authoritative view of user activity.

Understand your environment and users
Understand your environment and users

DataBee’s patent-pending entity resolution provides a comprehensive timeline of user and device activity in the environment. See what your employees, third parties and contractors are doing on machines and inside the building, and add critical information around their employee status, department, managerial chain and more to better inform risk and take immediate action. You can also view and search the user timeline in your data lake for added analysis and threat hunting uses.

Faster contextualized alerts over physical-digital streams
Faster contextualized alerts over physical-digital streams

DataBee enables you to quickly detect threats and reduce false positives by applying vendor-agnostic sigma rulesets over your completed identity data repository. DataBee consumes alerts and collects data about assets to enable your security team to mitigate risks and gain more consistent security analytics coverage across the environment, without causing business and operational interruptions. 

Cost effective user data processing and storage
Cost effective user data processing and storage

Don’t let data storage and cost prevent you from a thorough digital forensics investigation. DataBee is designed with the customer's budget in mind, enabling you to benefit from low-cost ingestion and transformation pipeline at Fortune 20 scale. Double your impact: The data pass-through architecture gives you flexibility and usability as you search and store your data cost-effectively in a data lake.

What makes DataBee a standout for converged security

DataBee™ from Comcast Technology Solutions creates connected security and compliance data and insights that can work for everyone.


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DataBee products powered by the Hive

DataBee for Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM)

Strengthen all three lines of defense by automating and collaborating on security controls that help you close compliance gaps faster with DataBee CCM

DataBee for PCI-DSS 4.0 preparedness

Prepare for fast-approaching PCI-DSS 4.0 audit deadlines with less stress using prebuilt dashboards that provide a consistent view of controls compliance

DataBee for Security Threats

Feel confident in your security coverage with insights and context across users and devices for all security events.

DataBee for Security Hygiene

Improve your organization’s security hygiene with more accurate insights into the assets in your environment.

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