Make better business decisions with answers to your content performance questions.

Do you want a longer and more profitable relationship with viewers? If so, then understand how your content is performing, right down to each program. 

The Insights service, from Comcast Technology Solutions, provides answers to content performance questions that most analytics tools are just not built to answer. What ISN’T getting watched? Are you investing in the right content or genre? Is your research bringing back actionable insights, or are marketing / purchasing decisions based on guesswork?

Success metrics have changed in response to new viewing experiences, better playback devices, a complex competitive landscape, and how those factors change audience behavior. Insights was built on the simple premise that in order to succeed in a constantly evolving market, performance measurement needs to evolve at the same time.

Track Catalog Performance
Down to individual programs
Focus on Business Impact
Buy, market, and plan better
U.S. and EU Solutions Available
Aggregated reporting
A better guide for all content decisions

Insights rests at the convergence point of what is being consumed and what you are offering. The end result is a clearer understanding of how and why audiences are connecting with your content, so that you can make better choices about what to invest in, and what will resonate.

Insights presents aggregated audience statistics without revealing individual data points. With no client-side code needed, historical data is combined with current performance measurements to provide context over time.




  • Content insights
  • Device insights
  • Custom milestones
  • Binger tracking
  • Engagement ratios
  • Weekly & monthly active users ratio
  • Content / catalog analyzer
  • Attention index
  • Audience size vs. video views
  • Average completion rates
  • Demographic / usage data
  • Usage vs. catalog mixer
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