BaM Publish Award winner: Comcast Technology Solutions Managed Channel Origination powered by Sky

Sky Group cloud-native software playout platform for the origination of linear content TV channels globally.

Partners: Sky Group Content and Experience, Sky Group Content Technology and Innovation, BCNEXXT, Techex, Squared Paper 

IABM judges noted, “CTS MCO provides an end-to-end solution. This highly evolved, scalable platform uses the best industry practices for developing SaaS solutions in the media playout sector. Embracing automation, deploying quickly, and keeping on top of patching has altogether improved service reliability and security whilst in parallel reducing support costs. 

Upon presenting the award to CTS and Sky, IABM’s CTO, Stan Moote, added, “Our judges were really impressed with the scalability of the platform. And I think in the industry today, scalability is the big thing.” 

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