Comcast Technology Solutions Announces New Global Ad Management Solution that Unifies Linear and Digital Workflows

Unveiling new technology in a suite of services that automates media workflows from planning and distribution to talent rights management and creative optimization.

Denver, CO — May 22, 2019 -- Comcast Technology Solutions, a division of Comcast Cable that serves advertisers, agencies and content providers on both the Demand-Side and Supply-Side of the business, today announced the launch of a comprehensive global ad management solution that connects the media plan to the entire creative workflow. The solution includes a suite of services that saves advertisers and agencies time and money by automating the manual processes of matching creative to media buys, managing traffic and delivery, creative versioning, and reporting across all channels. The ad management solution offers both linear and non-linear distribution and integrates talent rights management, while the company’s collaboration with Peach allows for ads to be delivered internationally.

The new ad management solution from Comcast Technology Solutions enables brands to reach the audiences they are targeting on any device, ensuring broadcast-quality ads are delivered to all channels. The media agnostic platform integrates into any Demand-Side and Supply-Side platform across geographies worldwide. In addition, it offers real-time, automated processes to help advertisers and programmers quickly optimize new monetization opportunities within digital and linear advertising.

“We understand first-hand the challenges of managing campaigns across an increasingly complex, fragmented ecosystem. Our new ad management solution transforms and automates the entire workflow, making it easier than ever before to manage, execute and optimize campaigns across all digital and linear destinations,” said Richard Nunn, Vice President and General Manager at Comcast Technology Solutions. “We are constantly reimagining how we can improve efficiency and reinvent processes. Our ad management solution is the result of this continuous innovation.”

Through the new collaboration with Peach, an established global video advertising distribution player, the solution will be available outside the U.S. across international markets. Peach operates in 100 countries and handles some of the world’s most recognized brands. The relationship will allow both companies to reach destinations globally. James Carpenter, President of Peach North America says, “Our collaboration with Comcast Technology Solutions provides customers with a true, complete global video solution. We are excited to work together to change the way ads are managed and distributed worldwide.”

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