Disrupting the OTT Landscape: Comcast Technology Solutions and Jump Unveil Pioneering Technologies to power video services using ML and AI technologies.

London, UK and Madrid, Spain – March 31, 2023 - Comcast Technology Solutions (CTS), a division of Comcast Cable, and JUMP Data-Driven Video have developed a comprehensive, integrated approach to personalized video experiences to respond to the needs of both audience and advertiser. The technologies leverage the expertise of both companies: Comcast Technology Solutions’ cutting-edge video platform technology, and JUMP's data-driven insights. Together, these technologies empower businesses to stay ahead of the curve and to optimize their digital solutions to offer the best experience. 

These technologies drive greater ROI through a combination of AI/ML–driven workflows, richer metadata, and integrated intelligence to create deeper contextual understanding throughout content libraries, and to generate enhanced content engagement and recommendation strategies. "With the application of AI/ML, this deep integration marks a major milestone in the evolution of our industry." said Paul Claussen, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Management, CTS. "Together with JUMP, we're offering businesses a comprehensive solution that leverages our technologies to drive greater ROI and provide personalized, data-driven experiences based on content affinity to keep audiences happy and engaged."

About Comcast Technology Solutions

Comcast Technology Solutions offers a portfolio of technology solutions, the CTSuite, that provides the industry with the technology, scale and expertise to expand and navigate the rapidly changing media and entertainment technology landscape. We invent technology that solves industry challenges, reimagines what is possible, and transforms businesses for an ever-changing world. Built on Comcast’s know-how, proven facilities, scalable platforms, and infrastructure, Comcast Technology Solutions offers more than 20 years of reliable real-world broadcast and digital experience. 

About JUMP

JUMP joined the video industry in 2016 with the mission to optimize business performance using big data and AI technologies. The company's focus on business data and its effective use has proven to be a key differentiator in the video services industry. JUMP's cost-effective cloud data platform is designed specifically for consumer digital services players, offering optimization for customer retention, personalization, engagement, and marketing effectiveness.

For more information, visit Comcast Technology Solutions at www.comcasttechnologysolutions.com and JUMP Data-Driven Video at https://www.jumpdatadriven.com

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